Anyone may browse this site however in order to satisfy your MVA REQUIREMENT and receive an OFFICIAL Driver Improvement Program (DIP) completion certificate:

  1. You must complete all 6 online lessons.
  2. NEXT you will need to take a short test (average time = 15 minutes) and pay the program fee of $65.00 in the form of credit/debit card, money order or cash at Drivers Edu. eCampus DESIGNATED TESTING SITE ONLY. BOOK NOW

Be aware that a test is required whether you take an online or a classroom program.  If you fail to receive a passing grade of 80% or better, the MVA requires that you wait at least 24 hours before you will be allowed to re-take the test. This applies to BOTH classroom and online courses, at ALL schools. We will not collect your fee until you pass the test.


  • You are required to bring photo identification to the designated testing site with you. NO PICTURE IDENTIFICATION - NO CERTIFICATE.
  •  You are also required to bring the print-out of the "Completion Letter" at the end of the course and your MVA Referral Letter if you do not have a referral letter you will be asked to sign a waiver.


  • What is a Driver Improvement Program?

    A instructional program that is intended to provide driver rehabilitation. You may have been assigned to the driver improvement program for one of the following reasons: You were referred by a District Court Judge; You were referred by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH); You accumulated 5, 6, or 7 points on your driving record; You were convicted or granted probation before judgment for a moving violation while holding a provisional driver’s license. If a judge decided that you must attend a driver improvement program, you will receive a letter from the MVA approximately 4-6 weeks after your hearing date.

  • How much does the online Driver Improvement Program cost?

    The online Driver Improvement Program to start now is FREE. The fee to obtain your official MVA completion certificate is $50.00 + $1.00 for printing services. This fee is payable to Drivers Edu. at the designated testing site. Payable via credit/debit card, money order or cash (exact amount)

  • What if I do not have a MVA referral letter?

    Not to worry we will provide you with a MVA participant waiver and release form upon arrival.

  • Final Exam / Testing Site

    The final exam consist of 20 multiple choice questions and must be taken at one of Drivers Edu designated testing sites.

  • Appointment vs Walking In

    Your time is valuable and we pride ourselves on providing you with a great experience. Scheduling an appointment allow us to prepare your documentation for a organized transition. When walking in make sure to check our website for changes prior or call 410-764-1133

  • Classroom Session

    The Driver Improvement Program is also offered in a classroom setting weekly at each location cost for the classroom session is $65.00. To view our upcoming classroom sessions go to